At the Core

New Concepts celebrates and cultivates opportunity. Informed by the energy, insight and talents of young people, we create situations where they can: experience success, demonstrate skill and leadership, connect with mentors, learn on the job, provide community service, and envision and plan for their futures. Our primary purpose is to foster significant relationships between youth and caring adults. Our role is to prepare, support and advocate for those who want guidance as they face new life challenges.

Growing and Responding

Started in 1995, New Concepts has grown from one elementary school-based mentoring program into a versatile organization with steadily increasing numbers of young people served. We have developed models of successful collaboration by: identifying learning communities in need; forging partnerships with schools, corporations and other not-for-profit organizations; providing training and resources for students and volunteers alike; and charting the achievement of youth in our programs.

In response to our youth moving from elementary school to high school, we have expanded our mission and service capability beyond community and character education to support teens in the areas of job readiness, leadership development and post-secondary planning.

Capacity Builders and Resource Brokers

We customize services to the needs of schools and organizations, and take the load off teachers and administrators who have their own academic and institutional exigencies to face. We provide critical life skills and real world problem-solving content in areas that complement academic and vocational courses of study. We meet needs, fill niches, facilitate communication, and ensure an improved learning experience overall.

Connecting youth with supportive adults and new experiences is one of the most effective strategies for helping them navigate the unpredictable road to adulthood. They learn to recognize their own dignity and worth, develop skills and resiliency, capitalize on opportunities, and realize goals. New Concepts makes the connection, the kids do the hard work.

With a Commitment to All

Our programs and services vary depending on level of youth exposure and experience, mentor strengths, employer needs and market demands, but is always youth-centered, responsive, and of the highest standard.

We're committed to all stakeholders: youth, parents, schools and organizations, our collaborators and partners, and our staff. We strive to make each significant experience a powerful one. As an established service provider, New Concepts also seeks to assist and advise emerging programs in schools and community-based organizations with similar priorities.

Our Future

We're planning for the future and how our kids can thrive there:

  • Based on the projected urgent demand for healthcare and biotech workers we have partnered to develop a specific job-training course, an online curriculum and a host of internship opportunities.
  • Another initiative currently underway aims to meet current and future demand for computer hardware and information technology specialists.
  • We remain open and attentive to the wants of our constituents.